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Entypo_d83d(310)_64 The intention and purpose of the website is to keep all owners of properties at Azzura Greens fully informed with respect circumstances and events at Azzura Greens in an impartial, unamibiguous, transparent manner and to serve as a vehicle through which to air any misgivings and unbiased opinions owners may have and, to act as a portal for the dissemination of information that may impact on their stakeholdings and, to under score the nessecity for probity and open management, procurement and expenditure processes by the Body Corporate for Azzura Greens so as to ensure that Azzura Greens becomes the venue of choice for real estate buyers and tourists alike as a haven of tranquility, peace and harmony.

Entypo_d83d(306)_64Regrettably, Best Telecom, the provider of WIFI, Internet and Foxtel services at Azzura Greens appears to have inadvertently black listed this website.

Entypo_d83d(147)_64An unofficial transcript of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Body Corporate for Azzura Greens is being prepared and will be posted to this website in due course.

Entypo_d83d(308)_64For the record:   This website has no affiliation or association in any way or by any means, actual or digital, with the Body Corporate for Azzura Greens, Azzura Greens Resort accommodation, booking and caretaker services, Hope Island Resort or Cambridge Management Services - it is a totally nonpartisan forum without any vested interests other than that as pecuniary stakeholders, by title, in property at Azzura Greens. In short: The supporters of the forum are either resident owners or investor stakeholders in Azzura Greens.

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